Life System

Understanding football

Inspired by the idea of Laureano Ruiz, coach under Cruyff in FC Barça.


World football capital

To learn and live football in the city of the best player ever.

Life Experience

Programs for you and your team

A unique experience, with plenty of memories

L i f e

Football is a game which requires learning

We use a training process divided into stages based on skill and tactics.The principal focus is on acquiring the games habits.


Improvement is the result of
proper learning

The development of abilities and individual capabilities leads directly to improvement of the group.


To have fun is the main goal of the game

In a game with friends based around a healthy enjoyable approach, learning and improvement turn into fun.


The training and learning process must be emotional and exciting at the same time

Learning the way you improve and the enjoyment of the process are reflected later in competition. If you learn the right way, this turns into a learning engine, and a social and emotional link to use in all walks of life.

Life System helps you take proper decisions, and makes you faster at executing them.

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Teams or Clubs



Life Team Experience

Would you like to come to Barcelona with your team?
We will arrange a tailored program for you:

  • Training sessions
  • Friendly games
  • Tournaments
  • Non football activities in Barcelona
  • 'La Liga' games
  • Lodging & transportation
  • Assistance 24/7

On top of that, we will supply ideas and knowledge to continue improving your football skills.

Life Academy System

Set up Life Futbol System in in your Academy or Club.

  • In the short run it will help you develop procedures and social management processes
  • In the medium-term you will enjoy a training process divided into stages that will allow you to properly transmit knowledge
  • In the long run, that knowledge will improve the level of your Academy and its link to society.This in turn will be reflected in recognition for your club, both internally and in the wider world

All results are measurable.

Life Camp Experience

  • We organize programs during summer, Christmas and Easter holidays
  • Open to kids from 5 to 15 years old
  • Addressed at improving technique and tactics through acquiring the habits of the game.
  • Final individual reports

Life Academy Experience

The player will live the Life Futbol Experience in our Academy in Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona) with a tailored program according to his/her necessities:

  • Choice of length: one week, one month or the whole season.
  • In our Academy, Escola de Futbol Penedés Espirall.
  • Training sessions
  • Team and individual practice sessions.
  • Full board and lodging.
  • Friendly and official games

Life Coach Experience

Your chance for knowing our training system and getting your official coach degree in Barcelona.

  • Individual or group programs
  • Official FIFAPRO/RFEF course
  • Practice sessions and individual tutorials
  • Non football activities and 'La Liga' games
  • Boarding in nearby hotels
  • We can develop the program in your country

Life Futbol System has been developed after 25 years of experience in the world of youth football. It is succesfully developed not only in our Academy Penedés-Espirall but in many international programs.

Pepe Villar

Pepe Villar

Life Futbol System developer

Francesc Grau

Francesc Grau

Degree in PE.

Raimon Recoder

Raimon Recoder

Degree in PE.

Manolo Márquez

Manolo Márquez

Ex Manager UD lAs Palmas
('La Liga')

The main difference between a great player and the others is good decision making and the speed of execution. To masterize game habits is a key tool.

Training must be emotional and exciting.

The true 'raison d'etre' of youth football is to have players improve and have fun. We achieve it with our Life Futbol System.

Getting to be a pro is a really tough and complex path. I habe not met a pro player who has not commited thousands of hours to his passion.

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